Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Today's Action.

The World Cup kicked off on Friday but everyone knows the tournament doesn't really start until Brazil plays. The Brazilians square off against Croatia today and everyone is expecting a victory for Brazil. It would nice to see the Croats keeping it close. If the Brazilians win big suddenly it starts looking like the other 31 teams are just here to make up the numbers and give Brazil a workout.

What to Watch For:
The Brazilian attack features Ronaldo, Adriano, Ronaldinho and Kaka. It should be a beauty to watch these four players link up with each other. Though Ronaldinho has received much of the press leading up to the tournament, it is likely that the difference for Brazil in this tournament will be the finishing of Ronaldo and Adriano. Since Ronaldinho's been jettisoned to the left wing it will be up to the players who are left to play center forward -- Ronaldo and Adriano -- to score the goals. They are more than capable. Another thing to keep an eye on will be to see how Kaka and Ronaldinho play together. I've always felt like whenever Kaka plays you need two balls on the field: one for Kaka and one for the rest of the team. . . . The Croatian player to watch in this one is forward Dado Prso

Today's Other Games:

France v. Switzerland:
These two teams were paired in the same qualifying group for the world cup so they are familiar with each other. All eyes in this one will be on Thierry Henry. Henry needs a big game here no doubt about it. The surprise package in this one could be World Cup debutante Franck Ribery. The young frechman is an exciting winger and it should be interesting to see how he fits into the French team.

Togo v. S. Korea:

Currently in the 55th Minute and tied 1-1. Togo are down to ten men. Togo are playing much better than expected. I expected them to look like a bunch of donkeys in this one but they're looking good against the quarterfinalists from '02.


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