Saturday, June 10, 2006

T&T is TNT; ya know, On FIRE!

Today is a beautiful day to be Caribbean. Jamaica didn't make the cup but Trinidad represented the Caribbean really well drawing 0-0 with Sweden. I did not expect this result and I'm as surprised as you are. I was more surprised at Sweden's finishing than anyhting else. It is not like the Ecuador game where Ecuador totally shut down te Poles. Sweden had the majority of possession, 54% and they forced the T&T keeper to make eight saves. T&T didn't really defend well or stop the Swedes, the Swedes just had poor finishing and Shaka Hislop made some fine saves to keep the game even. I don't want to take anything away from T&T, however. As the smallest nation to ever qualify for the World Cup they really gave a good account of themselves and they should continue to bask in the glow of their result at least until their next game against England. Though, I imagine this is a result that will live on in the minds of all Trinis for quite some time.

England defeated Paraguay 1-0 on an own goal deflected in by a Paraguayan defender. England looked listless for large parts of the game and seemed to lack ideas in midfield. The only two players who stood out were Joe Cole and Frank Lampard, who forced the Paraguayan keeper into some clutch saves down the stretch. Michael Owen was out the game after 60 minutes. I'm not sure wha to make of that but it's as good an indicator as any that he is no match fit. England did not look that good but it was their first game and maybe they need some time to gel.

Up next, Argentina v. Ivory Coast. I picked the Ivory Coast as my tournament sleepers so let's so how they perform against one of the tournament favorites. I'll be keeping a running diary of the game. Stay tuned.


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