Friday, June 09, 2006

Second Half Diary

Minute 46: The Germans get ready to kick off the second half and it just dawned on me that my blackberry is not working. This means that any work email that’s been sent I haven’t been able to get. Time to take a break from the game and give my assistant a call to see if anyone is looking for me.

Minute 50: I thought I was on to something picking Lukas Podolski to impress at the world cup but it seems like everyone else picked him to do so as well. Guess that was an obvious pick. … It doesn’t look like the Germans are missing Ballack much. It’s an easy stroll in the park for them whenever they are going forward. I’m still waiting on that third goal.

Minute 61: Klose strikes again. His second goal makes it 3-1. Philip Lahm involved again with the cross over to Klose who heads it at the keeper who makes the initial save but Klose finishes.

Minute 65: Just got a call from my assistant letting me know someone is looking for me. I’m feeling a little nervous about this decision. I call the person back to find out what is the urgent matter: HA! Turns out he wanted to make lunch arrangements so after I’m done watching the game I have lunch on the firm at 11:45. The life of a summer associate. Can’t be beat.

Minute 69: Philip Lahm again is causing the Costa Ricans problems all day. He is my top contender for man of the match, despite Klose's two goals.

Minute 70: Tim Barowski hasn't embarassed himself filling in for Michael Ballack. In fact, I haven't noticed a single contribution that he has made to the game. That's a good thing. If he's anonymous that means he's not making any mistakes. Just like that Barowski is off the field after 72 minutes of service to the team.

Minute 73: Paolo Wanchope scores again! Much like I predicted at the end of the first half. It's ridiculous the type of defense the Germans are playing. The offside trap just is not working for the Germans. Nor is this offensive styel suiting the Germans well when the opposition breaks and comes at them. This should be a no contest but Klinsmann's dedication to the offside trap is really keeping the Costa Ricans in this game. I noted in my first half blog that the Germans needed to slow the game down and pass around more. Instead they are trying to go for the fourth and fifth goal where old German teams would have been happy with the 3-1 scoreline and just kill the game off.

Minute 79: Miroslav Klose is off for Oliver Neuville. A like for like swap, forward for forward. I don't like this change. The Germans need to just park the team bus in front of their goal and kill the game off. No need to go for the fourth goal right now and let the Costa Ricans catch you on a counter attack which they have been successful at doing all game. I gotta admit though, the two Costa Rican goals were offsides and the ref just didn't call it.

Minute 85: Bernd Schneider gives us our first flop of the tournament. Referee waives off the penalty appeal.

Minute 86: Torsten Frings scores a goal that he will replay for the rest of his life. From about 40 yards out Frings puts it in the far corner, upper 90, and the keeper has no chance. My description of the goal will do it no justice so do yourself a favor and catch the replay of this goal. So much for German conservatism this year. They are playing all out attack. This is the type of play I would expect from world cup newcomers who don't know any better but the three time winners, Germany, are going all out attack.

Minute 90: Game over. 4-2 Germany. It's a wrap. This is a deceptive result for Germany. Against a better team they would not have gotten four goals but it's likely they would have given up about three goals against a better team. Great way to start the world cup though.

I'm off to work. Gotta make my 11:45 lunch appointment and then get some hours of research in so I can finish my assignment by Monday. As a result, there will be no diary of the Poland match. I expect Poland to win and win big.


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Thank you for the diary. I, like many others here in the US, must work instead of watch. At least I've got 4INFO's text alerts. Send "world cup" or "usa" to 44636 to get started.

Learn more at 4INFO's World Cup page.

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clip of that amazng 4th goal

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