Monday, June 12, 2006

Second Half Diary. Czech Republic 3 U.S. 0.

U.S. puts in Eddie Johnson in the game for more offense. Let's see how the second half turns out.

Minute 48: more straightforward stuff from the U.S. to start the second half. Nothing imaginate, nothing creative. The Czech defense can deal with this type of an attack with no problems.The U.S. needs to get the ball down the wings for a few crosses in the box because attacking directly down the middle has offered little so far.

Minute 56: Looks like the life has been sucked out of the game. With the U.S. failing the threaten the Czechs they are sitting back and defending comfortably and not really threatening to attack at all.

Minute 61: After an hour gone, the U.S. are still trying to find their way into the game but they haven't looked thretening at all this game. the Czechs are having their way with this game. It's all one big stroll in the park really.

Minute 68: Another screamer off the foot of Tomas Rosicky. This time his shot is saved by the post. Rosicky had tons of space to shoot. no defense by the U.S. team. This is all exhibition stuff from the Czechs at this point.

Minute 76: Excellent counterattacking play by the Czechs. Nedved splits the U.S. defense with a pass to Rosicky and he's off to the races. Rosicky chips Keller to put the Czechs 3-0. This is effectively game over unless the U.S. pulls a rabbit out of their hat.

Minute 90: Game over. 3-0. Lackluster performance by the U.S. things are not looking good.

As I predicted, Koller's height was a problem for the U.S. and Rosicky would be man of the match. I don't often pat myself on the back, but I feel like I'm allowed an opportunity here. Also, much like I feared if the Czechs scored first it would turn into a mauling and effectively that is what happened. The U.S. world cup campaign is over. The won't get a result against Italy so now it comes down to playing for pride against Ghana in their last game.

Next up on ESPN's coverage is Italy v. Ghana. There won't be a running diary for that game since I'll be at work. Hope everywho who visits is enjoying the blog.


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