Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Kloser look at Klose

Miroslav Klose is at it again. The 28-year-old German forward exploded on the scene in the 2002 World Cup with a hat trick in the opening game against perennial world powerhouse Saudi Arabia. Klose went on to score two more goals against such giants as Cameroon and Ireland, bringing his tally for the 2002 World Cup to 5 which was second only to Ronaldo. In the 2006 World Cup Klose opened up in style again with two goals against a Colossus Costa Rican side. He added two more goals against mighty mighty Ecuador bringing his World Cup tally to nine goals. What should be evident from the foregoing is that Klose hasn't actually scored a goal against any team of repute. He's made his bones being the sandlot bully. As my friend Ilan reminded me, though, once you're in the record books they don't go back and see who you scored the goals against. That's very much true and maybe I'm nitpicking a bit but of Klose's nine goals none of them have come outside of the group stage. He looked lively against Sweden on Saturday and was responsible for setting up the two goals for Lukas Podolski. Kudos to him but I'm not ready to join the bandwagon just yet. A man who has made the rounds of club football in Germany between Kaiserslautern and Werder Bremen(Klose scored 25 goals in the Bundesliga this season in 23 starts and scored 4 goals in the champions league in 9 starts.) doesn't really get the blood flowing. If and when he plays for Bayern Munich or a top side in Europe he'll be validated in my eyes. But if Klose bags a hat trick against Argentina then maybe I will join the chorus of people praising him.


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