Friday, June 09, 2006

It's Christmas in June.

I've been waiting for this day since June 30, 2002( the day of the final of the 2002 world cup). Finally, we're here. It's the first day of the world cup. Germany v. Costa Rica will get us started. German captain Michael Ballack is out of the game with a calf strain. I don't think this will have much of an effect on the outcome of the game but it may make the Germans seem a little disjointed at times without Ballack in there organizing. The Germans should still have a stroll in the park regardless. Anyway, things kick off in about 8 hours. I'm off to bed. I will keep a running diary throughout the game that I will post once the game is finished. Take a deep breath and enjoy the next 31 days. The greatest event on Earth, the World Cup.


Blogger Vik Sears II said...

Bernard ...

I thought Lionel Messi was the juggernaut Bitch .. but he's not starting for Argentina !!! and I just read a article about him getting minimal tick behind the guy who plays in front of him .. The Cavs would never sit LBJ ... What's this nonsense about ??? Why have these young "phenoms" if you're not going to play them ??? ... Is it because the national teams aren't responsible for developing the players (I'm assuming their clubs take on the bulk of the responsibility), or is this another case of an athlete being built on good talent with the prophecy that he will fulfill the hype ... I want to see the Juggernaut Bitch !!!

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