Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Injury Report

Injuries can wreck a world cup campaign. Here is a list of players whose world cup future is looking bleak.

Wayne Rooney, pictured right, has a broken bone in his foot. Rooney hasn't been able to play or train in the last month and a half but he is in the England squad for the world cup. As their best player I can see why they brought him to the cup, but the world cup is not a place to bring a player who is not fit to play.

Rooney won't be ready for the big time in Germany.

All the players he will be facing will be in top form and, despite his talent, it may be a bit much to ask for him to come back this soon and dominate a world cup after not playing for what will be two months.

Djibril Cisse(France) broke his leg in a friendly match against China today. He will be missing the World Cup. Unfortunately for Cisse this is the second time in as many years that Cisse suffered a break to his leg. His presence will be missed by the French team because despite all of Thierry Henry's brilliance it was Cisse who led the French national team in scoring in the qualifiers. Cisse gives the team an extra dimension with his speed which gives him an ability to go around defenders. With Cisse out, French coach Ramond Domenech may opt to go with the statuesque David Trezeguet.

Who wouldn't want this man at the world cup?

Although Trezeguet is a clinical finisher he has a tendency to disappear from games because he relies on getting the ball in the box for simple tap ins. Perhaps the most disappointing thing about not having Cisse at the world cup will be that the world will not be blessed with Cisse's ridiculous hairdos.

Michael Ballack(Germany) The best player and captain of the German team may miss the first game of the world cup due to a calf strain. Ballack did not train with the team on Wednesday and anxiety is running through Germany. However, young striker Lukas Podolski isn't feeling it. Asked how he would play in his first game Podolski responded, "I am relaxed. We just have to go out and blow away the Costa Ricans. I like that attitude.

Those are really the only major injuries that may affect the cup. Ronaldo has blisters but I expect him to be playing.


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