Friday, June 09, 2006

First Half Diary.

Minute 1: I'm rationalizing not being at work right now. I figure since I've been going in to work at 7:30 all week I have earned the two hours I will have to watch this game. Anyway, I have my blackberry so if I'm needed I can be reached. Not sure how I will respond to an urgent call but I don't foresee that happening.

Minute 3: Germans are holding the ball and playing keep away in the Costa Rican half. Careless giveaway by the Costa Ricans gives Torsten Frings the first shot on target from about 30 yards out that is deflected out for a corner. Nope...looks like they will call it a goal kick instead.

Minute 6: Amazing goal from the Germans scored by Philip Lahm. Lahm beats his man and puts him on his back then rips a shot into the far post that knicks the bar and gets in from about 19 yards right outsdie the box. 1-0 Germany. The Germans can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Minute 10: This is shaping up to be a no contest. The Costa Ricans keep giving the ball away right around their own box and giving the Germans too many easy chances to shoot on sight.

Minute 12: Oooops, the Germans botch the offside trap and Paolo Wonchop breaks away and slots a goal past Jens Lehmann to tie up the game 1-1. This really takes the air out of the German sails. The suspect German defense gets exposed already. Let's see how they respond in the next five minutes.

Minute 17: Great response from the Germans in the five minutes I said they needed to respond. Genius stuff, Ricardo. After great work by Bernd Schneider on the sidelines he pulls it back to Bastian Schweinsteiger who squares it acros goal for Miroslav Klose to slot past the keeper. This is the second consecutive World Cup that Klose has scored in the first game. He had a hat trick last time against Saudi Arabia.

Minute 22: The Germans seem to be playing a little too freely. They have the lead but it seems the Costa Ricans are always getting a chance to come back at them with a scoring opportunity. Germans need to pass around in the Costa Rican half and draw them out and capitalize. Seems silly to criticize them with a 2-1 lead though.

Minute 30: What is going on with the ESPN score ticker? The score is up there but the time is not. This is annoying me. Yellow card for the Costa Rican Fonseca(?).

Minute 37: The game seems to have slowed down with fewer opportunities for Germany and the Costa Ricans seem totally out of it........Wonchope almost beats the offside trap again. Bet on Wonchope to score again if the Germans keep this up..........

Minute 38: Clear handball in the penalty area by the Costa Ricans but no call from the ref. Germans are starting to come back in the game and control it nicely playing the ball around by the Costa Rican penalty area.

Minute 40: Wondering why there is no crazy hairdo in this game. The closest thing to it is Lukas Podolski's mohawk but there's nothing to match the stylings of Djibril Cisse or the pioneer of the crazy hairdo Taribo West.

Minute 45: Halftime. Germany 2-Costa Rica 1. The Germans could have had another goal in this half with some better finishing. They look like the better team but the offside trap they are playing may give the Costa Ricans a chance to get back in the gam in the second half.


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Whoever got the most impoverished blacks on the team is the team im goin for.

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