Sunday, June 11, 2006

Easily the best performance of the World Cup was by Arjen Robben this morning for the Netherlands in their 1-0 victory over Serbia & Montenegro. Robben ran the S&M defense ragged for 90 minutes with his penetrating runs popping up all over the field. Robben tends to be at his most dangerous when he is attacking from the wings and cutting inside and he was able to do that whenever he wanted in this game. The rest of the Dutch team looked pretty good, with Robin Van Persie the other notable performance. After the game was over I got about 15 text messages about Robben being the best player we've seen in the tournament so far. I would have to agree. That's it for this weekend. I've been up like a madman for 26 hours straight since 5 a.m. saturday morning watching soccer and going out. I need to get some rest so I'm going to watch my favorite tennis player, Roger Federer get destroyed by Nadal then watch Mexico then get some sleep. that's it and that's all.


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