Friday, June 16, 2006

Argentina 6 Serbia & Montenegro 0

I didn't think I'd get much of an opportunity to watch any soccer this weekend but I got up early enough to catch the Serbia v. Argentina game. Argentina won 6-0. Uhm, let's all just give the Argentines the cup right now. If Argentina can turn in this type of performance again in July I just don't see anyone beating them. At no point in the game did the Serbians look like they were going to threaten Argenina. It's a good thing that Serbia & Montenegro no longer exists(Montenegro is now its own sovereign state) because if they are going to show up to the World Cup playing like this they have no business here. They didn't command the ball. THey didn't tackle and they didn't attack. Much of that was due to Argentinian mastery because they had the game on ball and chain for 90 minutes. Everyone got in on the action including young Lionel Messi. For months, I've been the driver of the Messi bandwagon and it's nice to see him doing his thing in the World Cup. Within two minutes of coming on to the field Messi set Crespo up for his second goal of the World Cup and scored the sixth shortly thereafter.

Next up is Ivory Coast against the Netherlands. Unfortunately, I have to go buy some slacks to wear to this graduation so I will only catch the first half of the game. I've been on the Ivory Coast bandwagon and I'm really looking forward to them making a genius out of me.


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